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While Anchor to Health is conveniently located inside Spartanburg's premier gym, CrossFit CRASH, it is dedicated to patients from all walks of life. Dr. Kelley is well versed in a variety of chiropractic techniques that allow her to adjust each patient based on their individual needs and goals of care.

Chiropractic for every(body)

Chiropractic care is great for people of all ages. Here at Anchor to Health, Dr. Kelley sees people who are seeking relief from intense aches and pains as well as those who wish to make chiropractic part of their routine wellness care.

The office is a cozy space designed to make you feel right at home no matter if you're a seasoned chiropractic veteran or brand new to care.

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Muscle Therapies

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization- (IASTM) is utilized to break up fascial adhesions that occur as a result from injury, overuse, or simply everyday life. This can increase range of motion as well as decrease discomfort.

Dry cupping- a manual therapy in which a cup used to create a gentle vacuum is placed on the skin. This process creates a negative pressure which increases blood flow to the area.

Theragun®- a percussive therapy device used to provide a deep massage to your muscles. This device can assist in increasing range of motion as well as decrease discomfort.

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When scheduling you will notice there are several options for the type of visit. If you are unsure about what service is right for you contact Dr. Kelley

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Example: A full visit includes a chiropractic adjustment coupled with soft tissue techniques such as IASTM (see below) and dry cupping. This does not include any dry needling.

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Treatments Offered

Chiropractic Adjustment

An adjustment is a specific gentle force applied to a joint in order to help it move properly. Dr. Kelley is well versed in many techniques ensuring a tailored experience for you and your body's needs.

Physiotherapist Doing Dry Needling Treatment

Dry Needling

Dry needling (aka trigger point dry needling) involves inserting a small solid filament needle into a muscle contracture (painful knot in the muscle caused by injury or repetitive usage). This contracture is known as a trigger point.

Dry needling decreases pain, reduces muscle spasms, and improves circulation and flexibility.

While needles used in Dry Needling are similar to those used in Acupuncture, the goal is different. Dry Needling targets areas of pain and tightness whereas Acupuncture is used for a wide span of ailments.

Notice: Dr. Kelley only performs dry needling on the hip, shoulder, arm, and leg regions.

Dr. Kelley Gentry

Hi! I’m Dr. Kelley, a 2014 graduate from Sherman College of Chiropractic. I moved to Spartanburg from a small town in East Tennessee to attend Sherman, but I loved the area so much that I didn’t want to leave after graduation.

I decided to open my own office which would allow me to care for my patients to the best of my abilities. So, Anchor to Health was born on January 22, 2015! The office has been going strong since then and there is no plan of slowing down now!

"I have been to almost every chiropractor in the Upstate, and Kelley is by far the best. She takes her time, and genuinely cares about her patients leaving better than they came. She ensures that her patients are aware of what steps she is doing, and takes time to make a relationship with you. I have recommended her to every family/ friend who has mentioned pain to me, and will continue to recommend Kelley!"

"Not only is Kelly professional, but she really cares about getting to know what is important to you and your physical fitness goals. She offers several treatments like general chiropractic, cupping, muscle scraping, thera-gun, as well as pressure recovery boots. She really specializes in helping athletes be better athletes and I could not be happier with the care she has provided me."




"Dr. Kelley Gentry provides the most consistent, attentive and comfortable medical care that I have ever received. She is an absolute gem and has played such a crucial role in my journey to feeling happy and healthy."

Reviews from Our Patients

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Dr. Kelley Gentry

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